distribute our products.  PFS is dedicated to providing information to educate those selling, using or interested in fuels and additives.  We follow a wide range of areas from the changing regulations, to fuels of the future. PFS is also dedicated to providing the best fuel treatments on the market today. In line with our devotion to proper fuel maintenance we now have a line of fuel testing tools designed to aid those interested in a careful and adequate fuel

maintenance program.

Performance Fuel Specialists fuel treatments were brought to market in 1985 and were at that time only available for industrial, transportation and bulk fuel application. In 1990 PFS worked in cooperation with a chain of parts stores to introduce a line of fuel treatments for the retail market.  The hardest part of the

retail application was the packaging. The retail product is virtually identical to the industrial version. PFS has also brought to the retail market the same ideology of the industrial market that is changing the way the retail market looks at additives.   PFS products are only distributed through qualified distributors and parts stores.  We believe this is extremely important in order to keep the integrity that PFS has tried so hard to attain.  We do not sell to discount stores of any kind and certain criteria is expected to be met by those wishing to

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At Performance Fuel Specialists we sell gasoline and diesel fuel treatments for summer and winter applications.  PFS strives to be different from other additive companies by providing a product that is designed especially for the area in which the product is used.  Because different regions of the country have different fuels as well as climates and driving conditions it is important to address that particular fuel and the problems that occur in that region of the country.

   We also want to provide you with pertinent information critical to keeping you running at your peek performance at all times.  Because the fuel industry is extremely complicated we think it is important for you to have access to needed information.  One of the best ways to do this is through the use of our web site.  Here you will find information on several fuel related subjects as well as product information that can answer questions you may have or help you decide on an additive that is best for you.  Please take the time to study closely the information, we are sure you will find it not only informative but interesting.  We hope you enjoy our web page.  Bookmark it.

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