What makes a Premium Fuel?

While some premium diesel fuels are manufactured at refinery level most are refined as regular diesel fuels and then treated with and additive when premium fuel is requested.  This is done so that one pipeline terminal can be used by several brands of fuel. The truck simply pulls up and requests the brand of premium fuel they want and that additive is mixed in with the fuel. All PFS Fuel Treatments are the additives of choice for many fuel suppliers who chose to use PFS additive over there branded product. If you are currently using a premium fuel, try switching to one of our fuel treatments and use regular fuel instead. You may be surprised at the difference in cost and in performance.

The Truth About Alcohol and Solvent-Based Additives

Alcohol and solvents by nature provide no lubrication and can destroy rubber and plastic fuel components. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend against the use of these products, and some forbid the use. PFS fuel treatments contain no alcohol or solvents, they are petroleum-based products that lubricate your fuel system. PFS fuel treatments will remove water by emulsifying it and trap it into small bubbles of oil and disperse it safely while cleaning your entire fuel system. Other products (often alcohol or solvent based) may combine with water to keep your fuel lines from freezing, but remove little or no water. It is merely displaced to the bottom of your tank where it rusts and corrodes your fuel system

Why Use a Continuous-Use Multi-Functional Treatment?

PFS Fuel Treatments are continuous-use because your fuel system starts getting dirty the moment you fuel up. Most of today’s after-market fuel additives are added only periodically hoping to clean the fuel system. This results in a gradual reduction in performance and economy which generally goes unnoticed until problems begin. Continuos-use of any PFS fuel treatment will provide continuous removal of water and other contaminants that build up throughout the course of general vehicle operation, and will result in peak vehicle performance and economy 100% of the time.

How Much PFS Treatment Do I Need?

Add one ounce of PFS Fuel Treatment for every ten gallons of fuel every time you fuel up. One 12 oz. bottle of PFS will treat 120 gallons of fuel and is equivalent to 12 bottles of most other additives. Although the initial cost of these other products may seem lower, in many cases they actually cost more per gallon than PFS products and the disposal of a plastic container for every ten gallons of fuel you treat is not environmentally sound or cost effective.