PFS  Arctic Xtreme, Arctic Plus & Power Plus

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Yes  PFS Lubricates

With the introduction of ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) fuels, diesel  fuel system lubrication is finally being recognized as critical to maintaining the long life of a fuel system.  At PFS we have always maintained the need for additional lubrication and have designed our products with this in mind.  Our diesel conditioners have been tested using the (HFRR) High Frequency Reciprocating Rig. ( The only qualified test). Using PFS diesel treatments scored over a 25% increase in lubricity dramatically increasing the life of your fuel system with continuous use.

Cetane Improver and Combustion Enhancer

Improving cetane helps a fuels ability to ignite and burn correctly in a combustion chamber.  A Combustion enhancer helps your fuel burn evenly and completely in the combustion chamber which results in less emissions, less carbon buildup and less contamination in your engine oil.  PFS diesel conditioners improve the cetane of diesel an also contain a combustion enhancer.  With your fuel burning more efficiently you get more value for every dollar you spend on fuel.

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Antigel or Blend?

The blending of diesel fuels is a common practice when temperatures drop. But the result of  blending is highly

variable due to inconsistencies in #1 and #2 diesel fuels. Use of PFS Arctic Plus with a #2 fuel will normally allow runnability at a lower temperature than a 50\50 blend, without the negative affects a blend has on your fuel system—plus with the additional benefits of lubrication, increased cetane and removal of water, etc.


Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)

The pour point of a fuel is the lowest temperature at which movement of that fuel is observed. The CFPP is the fuels ability to flow through a filter at low temperatures. In most cases, PFS Arctic Plus will lower the CFPP and pour point by  20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in most fuels and keep your diesel running when others won’t.  A safe operating temperature can vary widely due to the continuing changes in fuels & vehicles. No product can guarantee that your vehicle will run at a certain temperature, but because PFS utilizes a special combination of cold flow improvers, Arctic Plus will effectively increase the runnability of any diesel fuel when others won’t.  Use PFS Arctic Plus before it gets cold to help you run safely through the winter.

How Do Our Antigels Work?

All diesel fuel contains wax crystals. PFS Arctic Xtreme and Arcitc Plus antigels break down these crystals, keeping them from bonding together-enabling your diesel to run at much colder temperatures.  PFS antigels also combat the same variety of fuel problems that Power Plus does such as water condensation, carbon buildup and fuel system deposits.


Why Use PFS Arctic Xtreme:


Arctic Xtreme Complete Winter Formula. is the Highest Quality Antigel on the market today using the latest technology and chemistry to achieve the absolute highest standards. Regular use of Arctic Xtreme will not only give you the ultimate cold weather protection but is also a total fuel system care product. Use PFS every time you fuel for total protection.


       NOTE: Our PFS Arctic Plus is only available in bulk and

         is primarily used for bulk fuel distribution.

Superior Lubrication Up To 25% Increase

Less Wear On Entire System & Injectors

Surpasses Peugeot DW-10 Series Testing

Detergency Additives Clean Carbon And Waxy Soapy Deposits for 100% Cleanup

Improves Cetane Performance

Increases Power, Reduces Stack Temps

Combustion Enhancer

Up To 70% Particulate Emission Reduction

Emulsifies & Removes Water

Eliminates Costly Repair & Freeze-Ups

Water Deicer

Keeps Water From Freezing in Fuel System

Detergent / Dispersant

Dissolves Gum, Varnish, Sludge & Oxides

Cleans Injectors & Combustion Chamber

Provides Best Possible Fuel Economy

Reduction In Emissions

Good For The Environment & Your Family

Inhibits Filter Plugging

Less Filters To Purchase

Fuel Stabilizer

Keeps Fuel Fresh During Storage

Rust Inhibitor

Prevents Rust Formation in Tanks

Bio Diesel Compatible

Designed For Use in Up To B20 Biodiesel

Continuous– Use Product

Clean & Lubricate Every Time You Fuel

Concentrated Fuel Treatment

Save Money, Less Waste, Better For Environment